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I am now trying to reinstall the game from Itch and will let you know.

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I tried to upload the both directly from the link in the above text (unzipping and playing game.exe)  and from the Itch link below and launching it. I always get the same thing : a very long time beginning screen (more than 5mn), then a still page with NEW GAME blinking but nothing appears when you try to click on it. Then nothing.

Only once there was a kind of beginning of story with the list of contributors and it stopped on a page with ORRIS and another character with the text : "They have advanced both sides ...". There was a down arrow below the text but clicking anywhere did nothing.

I have never played the game before and never seen the previous release. So I didn't upload the small file attached, nor the sound files.

I uploaded the game through the Itch platform and also separately. All I get is the welcome screen with the new game icon clicking. Nothing can be done after. 

I once had a start but it stopped at the screen with Orris saying "They have advanced both sides". Then nothing.

Can you help ?


Got it . It was great to have sex with Scar !

Hi there. I am on version 0.9.1 and I get a message to be continued on the next update when I try to reach the bandit's camp. Is this a bug ? I fucked Tank and I got a nice blowjob from Scar ... Too bad I cant meet them again. Any information ?

Thanks a lot. All fine now and I love this game more and more !

Updates trouble : it is impossible to find the saves when you start the version 0.8.2 uploaded on Patreon. Where are the saves kept ?

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I am a little bit deceived. Nothing happens with Bernard even if he likes me at 37 and I have done a lot of tasks for him, including 3 hunting nights, leaving the bed for him. No heart shown either. What did I miss ?

Any idea how to meet the bandit camp boss ?

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you have to create it with some ingredients and a nymph hair

put succubus leaf and water lily in 1 and 2 then in 3 and 4 then the hair

I only meet Jester or the 2 guys jerking each other or the other 2 fucking me !

Well sometimes it may become boring when you only have to pick up resources and make potions to trade them or hit wolves... I try now to repeat the same task 10 or 20 times and sometimes it opens new things. This is how I discovered the jerk scene between the 2 bandits in the camp. BTW, how do I meet the leader and the second of the bandits that were named by Jester ?

Was just wondering when Aphrodisiac can be used and with who ? I nver get the option to use it.

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Thanks I will try all !!! I did one of the recipe from the witch but the result does not show in my resources bag. It was the one with green berries and mushrooms...

I got the recipe for Aphrodisiac and some other potions from the witch but they are very hard to solve. Is there a way to study more about them ? BTW, how can I get more Anoley ? I am always out of it for others potions... This game is just fantastic !

OMG ! I did it finally ! Thats a great story and a nice game. Too bad there is not enough to show Aelius and Fabius together in the end ! Or a last fight with another love ending in Aelius new home ....  We need a following soon !

On day 2 ? Not that time but I did before and I was unlucky again. I guess it is necessary to open the choice to the Forum on day 3 ?

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Well it is the same ending. I won Fabius on day 2, went to the Thermae on day 3 then on Colosseum and was defeated. Then it ends again ....Thats not easy but I love it !

Why does the game always end after day 3 and the last fight between Aelius and Fabius, who ever wins ? I am desperately stuck there ….

I solved the explicit scene between them and it is just awesome ! But I could not solve the clue after day 3 ! Not easy lol