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Hi there! Thanks for your comic and thanks for reading!

It's perfectly fine to read a story that's gay or lesbian or any kind of queer and not identify as that yourself. It's okay to just enjoy stuff and you don't need to prove anything about yourself to do so. :)

Next time you don't need to mention that you don't like the type of romance specifically-- you should just talk about why you like the comic, etc etc. Comments like "I'm not gay, BUT I still like this." or "I'm a man, BUT I still like this." can come off as dismissive or rude and it can be tiring for creators.

Also, if you'd like to read more of the story; it updates every week on Smackjeeves and Tapas. (And when a chapter is complete I upload it here.)

Have an awesome day!


Sorry if my comment sounded a bit mean, it wasn't on purpose.

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It wasn't mean, don't worry! I was just trying to explain how it could sound rough to someone who gets comments like that a lot.

I definitely wasn't trying to lecture you but just to inform you of my feelings and experiences, and I appreciate you taking the time to read my reply and comment back. <3