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It is nsfw

I'm having a really weird bug where every time I try to start a game after it loads it just forces itself into a lower resolution and freezes itself. It updates when I alt tab out of the game but when I try to go back into it it freezes again. I can still move the character and interact with the menu but the visual is frozen. It's really weird.

I hope you like it!

Sorry if my comment sounded a bit mean, it wasn't on purpose.

As a boy, I don't like yaoi but I love this comic, It made me laugh a lot, the characters are awesome and I would love to see more of this story.

s( ^ ‿ ^)-b

Man, I love this game. Cool characters, good story and a very original idea.

The pixel art was amazing and it looked great, I also liked how it included gay characters in a pg-13 clean way.

The story is great, it would be amazing if you made a comic to continue the story.

Great job!

Thanks! I didn't expect this game to get much attention but here you are, thanks for commenting!

I hope I can use this in rpg maker!