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I love it too!

I'm assuming the F-14 is a more recent addition, because compared to all of the other planes(f-15, mig-31) it's really not very fun to fly. It rolls much slower than all of the others and doesn't enjoy doing negative Gs and it's speed (I think) is a little less than the mig-31(which is better in a turn-fight).

I'm really nitpicking at this point, but I feel the missile launch sound should be somewhat more urgent sounding and the camera movement with my analogue stick does not feel as some as the ace combat games.

I'm surprised this game flew under my radar for so long! I'm really liking it so far! Are there any plans for some sort of kickstarter or something?

Some kind of Crowdfunding is something I'd like to do in the future to fund the game further. Hopefully it will happen at some point in 2017.


All of those points you raised about the F-14 are true to life. Long negative G runs were actually prohibited by the USAF., the F-14 was a big plane and not necessarily the most agile, but I think it was still more agile than a MiG 31. To my knowledge the only production jets faster than a MiG31 were a MiG25 in afterburner and an SR-71. The only other faster jets tended to be the experimental ones. And as for the MiG25, getting it that fast tended to involve wrecking the engines in the process.