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TrackHat user here. The profile I use for ARMA 3, War Thunder and Assetto Corsa all have a look up = look up affair. In this it's look up = look down. I'd suggest inverting the Y axis by default, or giving users the option to invert individual axis, as horizontal axis works fine.


Corei7 4790K @4.0ghz




You might want to look at your FPS caps. "Unlimited" seemed to place a 60fps lock, whilst on 144hz the FPS jumps to 200+ at the main menu.

Corei7 4790k @ 4.0ghz, 16gbDDR3 RAM, MSI GTX1070.

on "unlimited" (which seems to be a 60fps cap) - 60fps

cap 144hz - 80 - 120 fps avg, with the odd sub-80 dip when things got really hairy.


The gunsight - whilst interesting in design - is too fancy. Search any fighter jet's gunsight and they tend to be rather simplistic; for a lot of jets it's oftentimes a circle with a dot in the centre. I'd suggest either changing it, or taking a page out of War Thunder's book and giving a few options.

just two examples.


With the ability to take up to 3 SP weapons plus missiles, the ability to scroll back and forth between your weapons is paramount. Left and right are unused on the D-Pad, so that's an option.

The ability to "double up" and take extra ammo for weapons is actually well-implemented, and the fact you'll also be taking extra shots is cleverly executed.


Knowing how many of each weapon I have available to fire would be useful. eg, I get 3 SUGBs in the F-15 but depending on what I equip only one on the F-18.

Leading on, some kind of reload timer would be useful. Some suggestions - replace the oversized ammo count with a more detailed ammo count - eg. if I have XMAAs selected it'll tell me how many I have left to shoot alongside a timer for the next missile to reload. So a few ideas, with 4x XMAA:


COUNT - 19


RELOAD - 0.76s



COUNT - 19


RELOAD - 0.76s



note - [/\] - weapon loaded, [_] - weapon empty.

In both cases, the reload timer could also be replaced by a horizontal bar running in the background of the ready counter. HAWX and Ace Combat both tend to have a way to visually identify how long until a weapon is reloaded. A count of how many of each weapon is loaded shouldn't be too difficult, as the game is clearly capable of distinguishing between 4 and 6 XMAAs when I took a double shot of XMAAs in the F-15 in one sortie and XMAA / QAAM in another.

I say this because I spend a lot of time in the 1st person view, so I lack the visual aid from the 3rd person view most of the time.

In addition to joystick support, would head tracking be implemented at some point as well? I have a trackhat clip so if you need someone to test on that end, I'm happy to help.

All of those points you raised about the F-14 are true to life. Long negative G runs were actually prohibited by the USAF., the F-14 was a big plane and not necessarily the most agile, but I think it was still more agile than a MiG 31. To my knowledge the only production jets faster than a MiG31 were a MiG25 in afterburner and an SR-71. The only other faster jets tended to be the experimental ones. And as for the MiG25, getting it that fast tended to involve wrecking the engines in the process.