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Wow thanks for the feedback! I really appreciate it!

So for this version, I felt like there needed to be more variety for the enemies, so I made all the enemies tougher, but much weaker to all damage when they are ragdolled. The idea was to encourage more creative gameplay instead of just spawncamping. 

After a couple of playtests, it could be that prompt at the beginning wasn't obvious enough that the enemies take more damage when knocked down or sliding wasn't reliable enough and that it's overall just easier to headshot them all. Regardless, I'll flesh out the slide so that it clearly is a core feature to the game.

I got an asset for handling IK, so hopefully, weapon placement should just work

Another un-documented thing was takedowns restore a sliver of health each hit, ultimately I intended it to be sort of like Doom's style kill, but It needs tweaking to be useful for certain situations. 

I agree, when aiming, anything behind the player kinda screws everything up, I'll try to make it more "smart" and probably make things translucent when its in your way.

The roll is still in the game, it only happens when you press the slide button when getting up from a ragdoll. It's almost functionally identical minus the sitting down. I was planning to make it 

Crouching has a pretty niche use and I agree, it's not very polished at the moment. It lowers your hitbox and can force enemies to go around the corner to attack you if the cover is high enough.

The model was made entirely in VRoid Studio so I was pretty limited by the clothing. The second pass will include sexier boots.

I'm so used to toggle sprint so that was the default when I implemented it. I'll implement a toggle for a hold too.

I managed to get rid of that Saki girl, incapacitated her and she must have respawned outside of the map. And guess what, it kinda turned into a stealth game. Managed to sneak up on two of the enemies, too bad there isn't a takedown option

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Haha I should definitely add that option when you crouch. I designed it to be like a glory kill