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Thanks for playing and for the detailed post, my dude. Lemme address a few things and clear a few misconceptions.

>First of all, the game starts in third person when clearly is meant to be played in first person 

Yeah, that was a mistake. We decided to have the player have FPS view as standard with an option to use third person if they wish. Don't worry, writing that camera code took me a a few hours or so back when this was a Ludum Dare project with a very different concept so I'm aware of its shortcomings. And I know people use the TP camera for jumping and sneakan so it will stay.

>I see you trying to make a simulation out of everything 

eeeh, just like other imsims, this is often smoke and mirrors. Glad that it gives that impression, even if it's a negative one. Maybe one day it will be stim/response but no.

>aiming has delay and feels physics based, 

The delay isn't intentional when scoped in. Thanks for pointing that out. Overall, the aiming/scoping in needs to be redone in my opinion, as is recoil, because it's too simple now, again done back for LD and never really updated. And I'm glad that 'bullet' particle hides the simple raycast and gives the illusion of us using actual physics.

>enemies probably have detailed behaviours that most people will fail to see 

The AI is dumb as a rock, in fact. I'm not proud of it at all and will re-write, especially given the critisicm about their reaction time, lack of 'alerted' state etc.

>Also you seem to be, you know, amateur at this

That's absolutely true, I am a poster on the amateur game development general after all. It's a hobby. This started as a LD project and was perfected later over the course of 2 months in our spare time. So jank is you know, time constraints. If anything, give us specific things you find the jankiest and we can focus more on polishing them.

>if you really want to make a good game for people to enjoy 

Very good point, this is why we're taking constructive criticism regarding things like camera behaviour, character movement, inventory, dialog and the tutorial very seriously, from people who were masochistic enough to enjoy the game. We do intend to sell it at some point, but we're aware that it's a niche and that we need polish (pun intended).

> I don't care about enginewars, use source for all I care, but from experience I'll tell you that UE4 is way easier for dumbfucks like you and me 

 My CS graduate friends really strongly discouraged me from using blueprints and recommended learning C++. Just like buying assets, I won't sink to certain lows and will I refuse to use blueprints. I'm stuck with my yandev-tier spaghetti code in Unity's C#.

>My advice is, play more games, 

Sorry, no time. All our spare time is spent on getting good at devving. All we've got are nostalgia goggles for old titles.

Again, thank you for the lengthy post, I know it's coming from a place of concern and I greatly appreciate it, but don't worry. We're all gonna make it.

Thanks my dude, here's what I can address:

1. We didn't have time to add an options screen so we cheated a bit
2. Yeah we'll improve upon the tutorial. It was still needed, as in earlier demo you just got dropped at the station.
3. We're aware of the issues with the inventory, we'll fix
4. Great suggestion, I'll put it in
5. We'll have saves at some point
6. AI is both too dumb and deadly now, still going to work on it
7. Of course

Thanks my dude, as I told Fleech, we'll tweak movement and add a gottagofast augmentation.

The HACK THE DATABASE minigame was an idea by a guy I know, he told us he always wanted to see it realized in a game. He's happy with the results
Thanks for the suggestion, we're gonna have augmentations for going real fast but we'll keep tweaking the base movement.

I do miss the crouch, if not for sneakan, then for lining up shots through the skylights

Thanks for playing, my man.

>Maybe it's just because I haven't played a game like Diablo before, but the controls felt clunky to me.

Yeah, I had someone tell me the game doesn't work because they expected WASD controls in third person. But perhaps the first person view was more to your liking?

>I'm not enthused about the art style but it is cohesive and consistent, 

Hearing that it's consisten is actually a great thing to hear!

>Having things like foliage or even the building you're in get in the way of seeing what's around you throws me even more.

Was that an issue in the dungeons? That shader doesn't work quite so well in the town area. but that will be designed so you won't have to look for stuff behind trees and buildings.

Again, thanks a lot for the feedback

I managed to get rid of that Saki girl, incapacitated her and she must have respawned outside of the map. And guess what, it kinda turned into a stealth game. Managed to sneak up on two of the enemies, too bad there isn't a takedown option

Thank you for playing!  Yes, I was informed about this by another player and I fixed the bug. The version currently available for download shouldn't have immortal enemies.

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Love the project, Myeowbro. I'm happy my chill spot hasn't been patched out. And now I can sit on the edge and admire the mayhem.

I don't think making the enemies damage sponges was that good of an idea. I liked mowing  them down in the previous demo. Felt... tactical, I guess? This is especially an issue with the shotty, which is a peashooter now. Maybe at least make headshots do more dmg, like in the previous build?

You should consider making the projectiles actually shoot from the gun muzzle instead of the camera. having the AI smuggo appear behind your character and still shooting her instead of your intended target is surprising.

Hope you'll find time to re-align the weapons with the character models. That pistol is teeny in the waifu's hands. The slide also keeps moving on the pistol. The rig you're using bugs out sometimes and stops aiming up/down which makes it look strange, see:

I do like the new model overall, though the previous one was better imo. Gave off a cool smug operator grill vibe. Those boots were sexier too.

The melee animation is very silly and the takedowns leave you way too vulnerable. You can bug out the movement if you keep mashing q and t at the same time, trying to go from slide/crash to takedown.

I love the slide but keeping both the roll and slide would be much better (hold down crouch to perform the other for example). You might want to consider basing the slide speed/distance on the movement of the character when hitting the button. Now I can keep mashing Q and having the waifu boost around the level with it like Raiden. It also is a one-hit-kill 50% of the time.

Crouch movement is annoyingly slow now compared to the old version. I'm used to having crouch under C so the previous default scheme was perfect for me. 

Auto ammo and smugola cola pickups are a godsend.

Oh, and hold-to-sprint plz


Thanks for playing! I'm glad you found our game fun. The first thing we'll be implementing in post-jam versions is exactly what you'd like to see: option menus and monster bodies decaying. Keep an eye out for further updates, we hope to make the game way more replayable.