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I learned something about Godot today. I decided to make sure that our project could export correctly so that we would be ready to submit it for the jam. I found that, when the project was exported without debugging, it failed in several places, even though it had no problems running either in the editor or when exported without debugging. Frustratingly, the non-debug version didn't even seem to report error messages; I enabled logging, but my assert statements had no effect.

I eventually realized that the problem was that assertion statements are ignored in exported games without debug, and I was using assertion statements in several places for functions that return error codes: 

assert get_tree().change_scene_to(next_scene) == OK

I had apparently not read the very last sentence in the GDScript basics:

Now that I have overcome this, I think that almost everything in the game should run well in a browser, so you will be able to play it on this website.

On another note, here is a level I designed. You can see the two variants of the Guard, some new tiles, and the updated HUD. I think we can still make the HUD look better, but I'm not yet sure how. The time in the lower right is an optional speedrun timer.

These two guards are friends: