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What is the specs for your Mac? It was originally developed and tested on Macs before porting to a PC. Though I'm not sure if it works on more recent M1 Macs. Let me know!

the chip is the apple M2, and it's currently on macos ventura 13.0! 

Let me see what I can do- the Steam version won't be any better, it's the exact same file. I'll let you know when you can redownload/update

ahh, gotcha. thanks anyway though! i'm looking forwards to hopefully getting a chance to play it!

NP! What happens when you try to open it, is there an error? Just trying to narrow it down. - figured i'd just screencap. it doesn't elaborate at all in the way some do? (e.g. the ones that'll say 'made by a non-trusted developer/file is corrupted/etc)

Oh wow, that's a new one! It literally says "Can't open."

Send an email to, and I'll send you a steam key. I wonder if it's a Mac App permissions thing, and steam might actually work around it.