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So I played your game and i was going to upload it but my mic was muted the entire time so i need to replay it but be for i do can you tell me what to do? 

I fond two or three gems but cant find the other ones or the next key to unlock the door and there is a red light that if you walk through it you die so can you please reply back here or email me @ to tell me what i did wrong or if I missed anything!!

but besides that the game is good I love everything about it just some minor things you need to fix but good and please tell me what to do next!

Thank you!

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Hello Landon! To know the combination for the padlock you need to find 3 notes scattered around the house. 

One of them is on the 2nd floor and is quite easy to miss!

Thanks for playing and we're happy that you're liking it so far!