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Greetings Rostiger! Thanks for playing!

We would have liked to add more backstory, but we were running out of time. Glad you found the voice system good! Thanks for playing!

Hahaha, that was amazing. Thanks a lot for playing Albedo!

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Aside from mistaking "Luxo" for "Lexa" during the whole game, your walkthrough was awesome! We loved your video and found it super entertaining. Keep strong with that channel and thanks a lot for playing Albedo!

We loved your video, great work! Thanks for playing Albedo <3

We certainly enjoyed your gameplay! Thanks for playing Albedo!

Lmao. Video was super entertaining hahaha. Keep working on your wizard skills, you've got hidden talent!

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Hello Landon! To know the combination for the padlock you need to find 3 notes scattered around the house. 

One of them is on the 2nd floor and is quite easy to miss!

Thanks for playing and we're happy that you're liking it so far!

Awesome! You're likely the fastest person we've had beat Albedo! We're super happy you liked it!