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hey sorry! I was taking time off to spend with my girlfriend, anyways... always send me new stuff about the game or new games here ( to try out love your game man!

Part (3) I believe is coming out soon! :)

I'm checking out your game now you'll find the game here:


i got your game but it wont load for me

Watch the video! and keep me posted on any other games you make!

Hope you like it! I'll make another video about it later, click on this link and it'll take you to the video! Miss Eyesore (Part 1) What a CHILLY GAME

Your game looks good trying it out now! I'll upload it to my channel when I'm finished! :)

About to play your game now! I'll add a video of it after :)

Checking out your game now! I'll add a video of me playing it later :)

downloading your game now hope you check it out once its uploaded :)

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Checking out your game wherever its out! email me here when the game is available to play :)

no problem if you make anymore games I'll be glade to check them out!

hey Im uploading the game to! I'll watch your video about the game and could you watch my take of it :)

So I played your game and i was going to upload it but my mic was muted the entire time so i need to replay it but be for i do can you tell me what to do? 

I fond two or three gems but cant find the other ones or the next key to unlock the door and there is a red light that if you walk through it you die so can you please reply back here or email me @ to tell me what i did wrong or if I missed anything!!

but besides that the game is good I love everything about it just some minor things you need to fix but good and please tell me what to do next!

Thank you!

Checking out your game now! You can find it here

Once I upload it! thanks for making this :)

Thanks for emailing me your game I’ll do a video of your game later tonight! And do some commentary on what I think about it! Thank you for the game!

Could I have a Sream Key? to give a sample of your game.

Thanks Im downloading yours now

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Playing your game later tonight! hope you come check it out! Link to channel is here: LandonStillPlays 

here's the link to my channel  you can find it here:

Thanks for making this! I'm about to play this and upload it! :)

If you didn't yet,  you Need to add a enemy in the game :)

Wont let me play the game! when I put the mouse on it, the mouse disappears and wont let me push start can you fix that so I can try it out

checking out your game! you can find it at:

About to test out your game, you can find it here when its down!

I would love to be informed when a new update has been released