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Patch Notes - 13/12/16


We will be clearing the leaderboards out towards the end of this week so make sure you claim your title as the best pre-Christmas Loot Rascals player.

Crash dump update:

When sending us crash dumps could you please also include LootRascals.pdb from the root of your Loot Rascals folder.


Higher quality videos

Plasma & Ice Damage have been boosted slightly.

More enemies have weaknesses/resistances to abilities.

Pressing E to enter the dome now takes a turn.

Players can now choose to display Xbox 360 or Playstation 4 controller tool tips via settings menu.

Adjusted animations for webjocks

Health Machine now starts at 2 tokens per heal

Cards can no longer be decompiled whilst being looted.

Corpse Mites now have a higher minimum power

Holos have received a damage boost and a bit more health

Weaker enemies have received a boost to their health

Amount of healing emitters reduced

Egg General & Night Wuzard power levels tweaked.

Bug Fixes:

Controllers no longer vibrate when game is paused whilst player is low on health.

Broken generators could be wired up incorrectly.

Holo Muddler description fix.

Fixed some incorrectly sized scenery.

Treasure crabs no longer upload unique cards if they escape from the player.

Fixed a crash where a card without a slot would be returned to a slot