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I just finished Ruby's route, there's so many emotions in every ending that almost bring me to tears, but this time I got Edric (He's my favorite character♡) and Leilia to be a couple so at least I got to see something good :)


YAY YOU GOT THEM TOGETHER I'M SO PROUD OF YOU and Edric thanks you because now he gets some sweet elven booty /shot

I'm also glad the endings resonate so well with you and that you liked the game enough to replay it again so soon! :D

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After I accidently destroyed my ship in my first gameplay ( I was too naïve to expect THAT kind of plot twist xD) I just HAD to give these two the happy ending they deserve for their love story, but I definitely do not regret my first gameplay since I still got to see some emotional and cute sides of Edric (Especially with Ruby teasing him all the time x3)

Ps : I am not ready to see a dark Edric yet so I'll definitely take time to prepare myself before starting his route x)


Oh you'd better believe Ruby is their biggest shipper lmao. If you listen carefully you can hear her go "OH COME OOOOOOOOOON" every time Edric avoids confessing. ;)

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Back with some impressions about Sigurd's route this time x)

I don't know if that was intended but you gave my good Boi one hella of a cool form during the first boss fight, like his skills are already cool and now his DESIGN ?  He was hella handsome too xD And am I weird for thinking that his facial expressions when he was in his true form were kinda cute even though he was going crazy ? xD

 Anyway, good story as always, emotional ending and yes it made me tear up a bit :)


So now I'm playing Edric's route, and there's a bug that is currently not allowing me to solve a puzzle, I can't use "sniper" on the statues at the Chapel, I tried to exit the game, put Ruby in the lead, reload... but nothing worked, I noticed that she does loses her MP but without even shooting, I hope there's some way to make it work (Hopefully without losing my progress)

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Have you checked / taken the arrows that are on display in that particular room yet? You have to have one before the puzzle will work; the message on the arrows has a correspondance to particular statues.

It shouldn't be using up MP without anything happening though, so I'll check that out (a small scene is supposed to play signifying you're doing it incorrectly).

Yes I did and the arrow appears in Key items but when I use Sniper it doesn't work and I still lose MP. 

Could you email me your save file (found in the game's main file; the number corresponds with your save number slot in game) at ? I can take a look at it and possibly fix your issue and send it back.

Ok, I will send it right now.