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I just finished this game and  I was etremely intrigued; well done and I hope to see a full version of this project.

I just finished chapter 4 ! I must admit, you almsot got me crying for Neil, but I'm happy now with the ending ^^

Thank you for this masterpiece ! I feel lucky to have come across this amazing game 馃挋

FINALLY ! I can't wait to play Chapter 4 T_T

I'll be eagerly waiting for ENG version 

I did load, but nothing happens. I'm still unable to choose again.

But how do I redo my choices ? I go back in segments but I don't get to change my choices.

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This might sound dumb but I'm completely lost about how to save or go back and redo my choices, they all remain the same and I don't know what to do. I got a dead end and now I'm stuck. Can you please help ?

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I downloaded the new one, when i extract the folder and try to run the app, it shows an error and it gets automatically deleted from the folder :/

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I tried downloading the game (Win 32bit), but whenever I try to open the app, it shows an error and then disappear from the folder... Can you please help me ? ;_;

I just finished chapter 3 and OMG all these revelations ! I'm really loving the story more and more <3 I can't wait to play chapter 4 ! 

Same !! >w< I'm so excited !!

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I've been stalking your page for a while now in hope to see if  chapter 3 has been released,  no pressure though, please take your time and stay safe, I just wanted to let you know that I really loved this game and I'm more than excited to continue the story, also Neil is best boi and needs to be protected

I am sooo in love with this game !!

Looking forward to Chapter 3 !!!

I just finished chapter 1, the end of the class trial was so emotional, You hit me with so much feels :$ But I gotta admit, the story, the mysteries, the characters, the humour... Everything was perfectly crafted. Well done ! Looking forward to play the next chapter !

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It's okay, I managed to finish the game despite the bugs ^^ 

The Qte system is really fun so I hope you could find a way to fix it instead of removing it. 

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Hi ! First of all, I'd like to thank you for this cool looking game, I just started playing and I'm already so intrigued by the story and amazed by its design. 

I have a question about the sidelocks... I know I could be stupid sometimes but I really can't figure out what to do ^^' I'm not really familiar with the system and I don't really know what buttons should I be using, I'd be grateful for your help and guidance :)

Edit : My stupid self finally figured out how to open them ! Yay ! Though the game keeps crushing sometimes and the more I advance in the game the more frequently it happens. 

Edit2 : I just realized that it was a bug that was preventing me from opening the sidelocks. Sometimes, no matter what button I push, nothing happens, but when I reload the game I finally manage to get the sidelock minigame to work. I thought I'd report this little bug. 

I think it's my favorite too, but I still prefer seeing him together with Leilia xD 

Oh my bad ! I guess I went so much in details with my impressions about Edric's route ^^' I will add a spoilers' warning in my comment.

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Thanks again for your help, I managed to finish the game without any problem.... Except my heart was broken at the end because of the feels ... But it was worth it xD


Edric's route was so interesting and kinda original in certain aspects especially the relation between Peter and Edric. Unlike the others who kept having the same feeling as their past selves (loneliness, guilt, delusions about being a hero) these two just kinda hated each other, Peter wanted perfection but to think he found it in "Edric" made him feel pathetic, Edric on the other hand felt already so sure of himself, so perfect, his only weakness is his past memories aka the existence of Peter Choi in his consciousness.

He made the most chill and elegant dark one (Or should I say obssessive one xD) I love how he avoided hurting Leilia in the battle (I noticed that he only seals her powers while causing damage to the others) 

I love how everyone was involved in his story which made it more dramatic in the end, and while I do admit that taking lives was definitely unforgivable, I still believe that he was not fully responsable for what happened. I just feel heart broken for him because everything started soo well yet ended in the most horrible way, he almost felt hope then saw everything shattering before his eyes. 

Ok, I will send it right now.

Yes I did and the arrow appears in Key items but when I use Sniper it doesn't work and I still lose MP. 

So now I'm playing Edric's route, and there's a bug that is currently not allowing me to solve a puzzle, I can't use "sniper" on the statues at the Chapel, I tried to exit the game, put Ruby in the lead, reload... but nothing worked, I noticed that she does loses her MP but without even shooting, I hope there's some way to make it work (Hopefully without losing my progress)

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Back with some impressions about Sigurd's route this time x)

I don't know if that was intended but you gave my good Boi one hella of a cool form during the first boss fight, like his skills are already cool and now his DESIGN ?  He was hella handsome too xD And am I weird for thinking that his facial expressions when he was in his true form were kinda cute even though he was going crazy ? xD

 Anyway, good story as always, emotional ending and yes it made me tear up a bit :)

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After I accidently destroyed my ship in my first gameplay ( I was too na茂ve to expect THAT kind of plot twist xD) I just HAD to give these two the happy ending they deserve for their love story, but I definitely do not regret my first gameplay since I still got to see some emotional and cute sides of Edric (Especially with Ruby teasing him all the time x3)

Ps : I am not ready to see a dark Edric yet so I'll definitely take time to prepare myself before starting his route x)

I just finished Ruby's route, there's so many emotions in every ending that almost bring me to tears, but this time I got Edric (He's my favorite character鈾) and Leilia to be a couple so at least I got to see something good :)

I just finished playing one Route (Leilia) and I must say, this game is freaking AMAZING ! And even when I'm done with one route, there's still more to discover so I'l definitely play some more :)

(Je m'excuse en avance s'il y a des fautes dans ce commentaire ^^' Je ne suis pas Fran莽aise) 

Merci beaucoup pour ce merveilleux jeu ! L'histoire est tellement int茅ressante, vous avez abord茅 les choses d'une mani猫re r茅aliste et j'ai surtout aim茅 le fait que vous avez montr茅 l'h茅ro茂ne comme 茅tant une personne normale et non pas une fan hyst茅rique, j'ai trop aim茅 le d茅veloppement de notre relation avec tous les membres (Que ce soit amiti茅 ou amour). J'aurais aim茅 que les membres de l'autre groupe soient draguables aussi (Ou au moins Woo-jae vu qu'on lui a parl茅 plus que les autres et 脿 vrai dire j'ai eu un 茅norme coup de foudre pour lui >w< Son design est aussi joli 鈾♀櫋 ) 

J'arrive pas 脿 croire qu'un jeu d'une telle qualit茅 est gratuit (que ce soit au niveau du sc茅nario ou du style d'art) alors merci beaucoup pour vos efforts !! J'ai h芒te de d茅couvrir la suite ! (:

Ps : Mes chouchou sont Him-Chan et Jinnie. 

Oh thank you so much for your help ! Now I can continue the story :) 

I tried many time... in vain... I gave up now ^^' 

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I was super intrigued by the story but that chasing scene in the fields by the dark ninjas is impossible for me ... Is there any way to get past them ? I tried many times but it's just hard for me to get through that, especially with the screen blurring and shaking. Help :(