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I'm glad you finished without any more issues! :D

I admit that Edric's route is my personal favorite of the four, probably because he's my favorite character haha. "Chill and elegant" is a fantastic way to describe him, but he'd definitely be like "no. no elegant. only TRASH AND WORTHLESSNESS." Depression's a bitch don't ya know.

Reading your meta thoughts on the game has been really great, thanks for continuing to comment! I just wish we could do spoiler tags on :C

Fixed it for you! Check your email and thanks for reporting the bug, it's a doozy and I'm not sure how it slipped past beta testing... orz

Could you email me your save file (found in the game's main file; the number corresponds with your save number slot in game) at ? I can take a look at it and possibly fix your issue and send it back.

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Have you checked / taken the arrows that are on display in that particular room yet? You have to have one before the puzzle will work; the message on the arrows has a correspondance to particular statues.

It shouldn't be using up MP without anything happening though, so I'll check that out (a small scene is supposed to play signifying you're doing it incorrectly).

Oh you'd better believe Ruby is their biggest shipper lmao. If you listen carefully you can hear her go "OH COME OOOOOOOOOON" every time Edric avoids confessing. ;)

YAY YOU GOT THEM TOGETHER I'M SO PROUD OF YOU and Edric thanks you because now he gets some sweet elven booty /shot

I'm also glad the endings resonate so well with you and that you liked the game enough to replay it again so soon! :D

Thanks!! I'm so glad you enjoyed the game! :D Let me know if you enjoy the other routes!


I'm glad it worked!! :D Enjoy!

Have you tried right clicking the .exe and clicking "Run as administrator"? Depending on your admin settings it may or may not help.

I'm so happy you loved the game so much!! Thank you for your lovely comment :D I'm about 80% done with my next game so please look forward to it in the coming months!!

Your browser's probably blocking the popup. Try this direct link instead if you don't want to fiddle with your settings.

It is! I just haven't updated the devblog on this site or GameJolt because, well... nobody actually views the pages here and it's not worth the effort to simultaneously update the devblogs. :(

For the most up to date progress info you're better off checking out the official Tumblr blog, RPG page, or Twitter.  I've been putting updates (and silly memes) on these sites because they give me the most traffic. Hope this helps!

Thank you for the super sweet comment!! I'm so glad you enjoyed the game, and I'm really grateful that you commented about the soundtrack because that part was the most fun for me to make :D

I have another game on my profile that's getting a demo soon; it's similar in that it's a slow descent into darker territory (although not quite as "horror-y"), so if you like this game and don't mind traditional JRPGs you might want to check that out too!


thanks tho uwu