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Ides can now disguise itself to hide from enemies. Disguising yourself as a Doomba hides you from guards. Disguising yourself as a potted plant works too, but not if you're moving. (A moving plant is suspicious.) Disguising yourself as another guard can also work, but if a guard sees you disguised as that same guard, then they will question their newfound doppelganger.

The Doombas are less observant, so any disguise fools them.

There is a new obstacle, the motion-sensitive laser beam. Fortunately, Ides is a clever and nimble robot who can carefully walk over the beams. However, if Ides is disguised while walking over a laser beam, its hologram will trigger the laser.

Other developments:

  • started making a tutorial level and a second level
  • implemented a lose state and a "restart level" button
  • added inter-level loading zones
  • added some sounds (music, walking sound, scanning sound)
  • added a new way for guards to move
  • added a door and switch (puzzle elements!)