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Thank you so much for your comment. I totally hear you. I do have some good news for you. While it is sort of the end, at least of this game itself (no real plans to extend this game itself) there is plans for a second game already in motion. It is still probably a year or two away from happening but it is going to happen. :)
When I did this one I thought only 20 people, tops, would want to play this game. I have been blown away over the past year how many people are enjoying it.

I too enjoy games that branch out in story paths more, and where your choices do effect things not only current things but future things in the game as well. Because of this I believe the next one will be much better.  There will not be only one sort of ending. There will be a "True ending", that will bridge the massive gap between "Levar's Life" and my comic I have been making.   But I also want players to branch out and discover the "what ifs" that can lead to a completely different ending that doesn't have to lead right into the comic. (One thing I kind of wished I had done with this game as not every ending had to end with the same major outcome.)

So again thank you so much for the comment. I will take it fully to heart, and keep it in mind while making the next game. Hopefully it will wow you once again. :D

No problem. If anything needed, feel free to ask.