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Thank you, I am glad you really enjoyed it. :D

So you do not search too hard, the good ending is probably the best one.  There is no little set up really for it that changes too much. Neutral and Good endings are very close, there is just one little fork in the road that changes from one to the other. The evil one is very different thought very dark. I did this because I only thought 20 people would want to play and just wanted to have a little different endings that still matched up to the stories and such that come after. (This is actually a prequel to my stories and comic that were already written.) Turns out a lot more people liked it that I could have imagined. I learned a ton while making it and plan to use what I learned to make the next one much better. With a more branching story and several very different endings I plan to make the second game, not for 20 people, but for everyone.

The second game will be free just like this one. ;) No worries there. All my games featuring these characters will be free. Mainly because I really want everyone to have access to them and enjoy them.

As to when it will come out, I am not sure yet. Currently it is in the process of being programed. I am doing all programing and testing that before I start the artwork for it. Once the programing is all done and works I can give a decent estimate as to when it will be out. I have two major projects on the go right now. The game and the comic. (The comic takes place LONG after the games though still has many of the same characters in it.) The next two chapters in the comic need to be out before I am DONE the game. But it should be announced well before that point even. I work on the game when I want to write, and the comic when I want to draw. :)

Here it is for anyone who wants to know the evil ending but doesn't want to have to though to get it. SPOILER of course. :)

Thank you so much for your comment. I totally hear you. I do have some good news for you. While it is sort of the end, at least of this game itself (no real plans to extend this game itself) there is plans for a second game already in motion. It is still probably a year or two away from happening but it is going to happen. :)
When I did this one I thought only 20 people, tops, would want to play this game. I have been blown away over the past year how many people are enjoying it.

I too enjoy games that branch out in story paths more, and where your choices do effect things not only current things but future things in the game as well. Because of this I believe the next one will be much better.  There will not be only one sort of ending. There will be a "True ending", that will bridge the massive gap between "Levar's Life" and my comic I have been making.   But I also want players to branch out and discover the "what ifs" that can lead to a completely different ending that doesn't have to lead right into the comic. (One thing I kind of wished I had done with this game as not every ending had to end with the same major outcome.)

So again thank you so much for the comment. I will take it fully to heart, and keep it in mind while making the next game. Hopefully it will wow you once again. :D

On the games 1 year anniversary the bad ending will be posted to my YouTube. ;) I just finished recording my play though of the game and plan to start posting it to YouTube starting this Friday, June 28th. The last one will go out on the 12th of July. :) I will stop by here and reply to this one with that video if you or anyone else wishes to see the evil ending but not take the evil route in the game. It is pretty dark.

They are a lot of fun. It is something different. There is something unique to it. Thank you so much for playing though the game. It was fun to watch. :D

I am happy I could help. Thank you for your great comment. I will have to check out "Angels with Scaly Wings" sometime. :) I do plan to do more in the future and already have scripting for a sort of "sequel" to this game coming. But it will be a while before it comes out. I learned a lot making this game and my goal is to make the next game even better because of it. 

Awww thank you. I really appreciate you sharing that with me. I am glad you are enjoying it. It is fun to watch someone else play it. I am going to share it on my journal on DA so others can see it. This made my day though. :D

Thank you, I am glad it was worth the wait. Also thank you for telling me the ending you got. I appreciate that. :)