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Hello there,

so, I've tested the newest patch for a while and got something to report: Autumn seems kinda buggy - sometimes her dialogues just pass through like crazy, it's impossible to read them. Aaaand... while a second time we were meeting - in her house - game randomly closed itself, without any crash window (box) or anythig like that.

There already are demo versions of this game, they are for free.

No problem. If anything needed, feel free to ask.

Hello there,

I wanted to say "thank you" for this game. Was really entertaining, solid, beautiful and... graceful, can I say?

This game is pretty simple, but still got me playing it almost without a pause. And there is a problem... it is too short! When I thought that the real action has just began, I actually  finished the game already.  That was kinda disappointing and confusing to see the black screen and writing "Good End", while I found this ending... sort of disturbing, to be honest. Dark, but like a good fairytale - our hero is happy, that's all that matters.

Game reminds me kinda of interactive movie - action goes on, you just put it in motion, in right direction. I really like this, mostly becouse it's NOT exhausting for the player. Especially when story and the characters are written very well.

Anyway, game has left me with feeling of wanting more of it. That's as good as bad thing. Good - becouse it says a lot about how amazing the piece was and you still want to be the part of the story. Bad - cuz, as I said before, game is not long enough for me.

To summ it up, I really enjoyed this piece, left me kinda speechless at the end. Maybe author will give us, the fans, something more if we motivated him/her enough? To be sure, I would be ready to pay for game like this one, only bigger and harder, with more options, more endings, more consequences of our choices and actions.

Best wishes,


As the time goes, game looks better. Can't wait for more.

No problem. If anything more needed, feel free to ask.

Hello there,

it's been very long time since I wrote a real criticism about something, but I belive that now is a good time to do this.

The game looks really beautiful, when everything works correctly and the player is in the moment of the story when something is actually happening, it is really entertaining to play. You just want to stay in this world, explore it and find everything it has to offer.

Then you realise that there is not much more. When one story ends, there is nothing than the repeatable schedules... even when you know that it is impossible to make after-story progress by itself and you know that the author had to make limited variations after the "main quest", there should be more of them - just to make it don't feel empty. The same goes to the other NPCs, not only those with story about relationship with the player.

Game feels incomplete. Stories are short, even if attractive and relatable, but still, after "main quest" there is emptiness - maybe there is nothing more, only things that I've already described, or maybe there is something (... to do...), but I couldn't find it after several hours of trying out all the possibilities.

About bugs - not so hard gamebreaking, but still may be annoynig. According to what I've heard, some people can't even play for 10 minutes without crashes. Not sure about that, game worked almost 100% fine most of the times. But bugs are just technical usses - there is time to fix them, they don't seem to be a problem, not for me after all.

At the end, as I said, game looks pretty nice and makes you want to explore it all. Problem is that there is not so much to explore.

Stories should be longer, with harder executions of achieving the goals - without making a characters out of their... well, characters.

Hope next updates will bring something new, something fresh to the game, becouse - I can easly say - the game deserves well. Deserves something more.

Best wishes,