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I finished the game (Peter died) with the 2.0 version, but I'll look at the 2.1 version to see your improvements !

  • icons: you can use the ALT + 3 to ALT + 6 icons. You should have ♥♦♣♠ typographic icons that you can enlarge to put at the size you want. Or look at websites like publicdomainvectorsor freepik; maybe you'll find what you want.
  • great for news about links and character sheet! ☺
  • other games: I guess Après l'Accident exists only in french at the moment, and its author Nicolas Gulix is currently on others projects so I don't know if it will be translated. But A quiet year is for sure in english; and I have no doubt that many other inspiring games exist in English!

Yes I had fun with your game! I really like to see stories being build little by little according to luck (with cards and tables)

Thank you for the advice on the icons and for the kind words. I'd reply in more depth, but I'm on mobile right now. Glad you enjoyed the game! :)