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The music is so perfect for the setting with the eary synths and the melody. The difficulty curve might be a bit too steep so I got a bit after the deflect. This would totaly be something I would like to see as a full game.

 As it is a really brutal and difficult game, it would need a lot more playtesting from others and something more to keep you going when you get stuck on a level.

But I just really love the concept and the style.

Thanks so much for playing! Glad you liked the music! I worked really hard on it, so it's great to know that it fits well.

I agree, I definitely need to tune the difficulty curve; I've been getting playtesting feedback from my friends as well as people online to help with this, thanks for giving it a try! Out of curiosity, how far were you able to get? 

I'm toying around with the idea of "assist modes" for people that want to still enjoy the game but find the difficulty a little unapproachable. I definitely intend for players to die a good amount (I like the idea of someone perfecting their approach to a stage before they're able to succeed), but as a dev it can be so tough to get the difficulty right (since I test it on myself so much, I can never balance it around myself haha).

Thanks again for giving it a go!

I think it might be better to have a assist mode for those who really need it and instead have main levels and hard levels. The main levels are basicly the story levels you have to play and the hard levels are bonus levels that you can play if you want to, but you have to complete maybe a specific task to get them. 

Just so you now, I got to dream three.

Then when you get the deflect, it feels a bit useless. It has a very short room for error(you have to activate it excactly at the right time or you will take damage) and when you have a lot of enemies against you at the same time it just becomes easier to attack them head on and take some damage. So a way to fix it and at the same time balance it would be to increase the time the deflect is activated and then have a longer recharge. But check with others and see what they think.

Thanks a ton for the feedback! Having bonus levels with more challenges is a cool idea, and it's something i'll definitely consider. I have a big document where I've been collecting all the feedback, so I'll digest all of this and make a final decision. I've also been considering widening the reflect timing window, so if others feel the same way I can definitely take a look at that.

Thanks again!