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I admit I started a wee bit early -- 

I wrote 860 words and coded 2 pages of the script. Made a couple of key plot decisions and  wrote some content for the first love interest.

Here is some concept art and a first draft WIP of  the AI's creator, who will probably be the most used sprite:

>It's my personal artstyle. I wonder if the game would benefit from a softer, more cartoony style.   
>Experiment with line color. It doesn't have to be solid black.   
>Move his arm+hand to  interact with his clipboard/tablet. As much as I enjoy him putting his hand in his pocket with that sort of laissez faire relaxation, it's not terribly apparent.
>Finish line-art and color. I'm fairly set on the lineart thickness; need to decide on coloring style. Don't forget highlights.  
>Add different expressions, such as "regarding the player fondly," "unimpressed surprise," and "self-congratulatory smirk."   
>Animate some blinking on the man. A "talking" animation would be cute, but probably a stretch.

Character inspiration: Dorian Pavus and Mitch Grassi.

On another art-related note,  I spoke with our lovely GUI artist Jaeger for close to an hour, discussing possible themes for the game. I absolutely appreciate her time and friendship. To ensure we were on the same page, however, I put together several files in my google drive of other ren'py games and their individual assets. I named and numbered them with care. This is to illustrate the importance of each asset, with the GAMEPLAY screen's GUI taking the highest priority.

I sent a message to our very talented composer Natis to discuss how we'd like to proceed with the musical score. I have worked with many artists in the past, but this is my first time working with a composer!

Self-evaluation: I really wanted to take a more organized approach to this project....  I feel like I'm on top of things in regards to communication (boy I was not expecting a team l o l), but in personal tasks I'm still all over the place.  We'll see how well I do overall. <:)

I will say: Writing about my tasks here helps me "put them down" and re-focus on other things that can use my attention. In order words, it helps me overcome my often paralyzing executive disorder.

The creator's sprite looks like it's coming along nicely. Love the Dorian stache <3 I haven't seen that music video before but that's a vibe.

For a moment I thought "the creator" was referring to me and was quite mystified.

Thank you, my friend!! I appreciate the comment, it relieves a good deal of my over-critical perfectionist feelings. ❤