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Patch Notes - 9/12/16


Boosted power of all holograms slightly.

Increased longevity of friendly holograms.

Slightly more ability enemies in World 1.

Slightly reduced number of cards dropped.

Slightly increased the variety/difficulty of enemies that appear in World 2+3+4


Credits can be viewed via Rascally Recollections

Ability enemies can now spawn inside forcefield areas

Rotatable cards can no longer be sticky cards

Can hand in quest cards even all slots are full if reward is a new card.

Can now close in game map and seeded game seed entry screen with B button.

Players can now view card help whilst choosing a card to send to space.

Correct tooltips now show for abilities whilst in combat

Ability tooltips now appear when aiming at an enemy

Negative card effects text now completely red as opposed to just the number.

Warp to base tooltip greyed out when unavailable due to enemy proximity.

Players can no longer examine cards.

Added a bunch of rare world generation variations.

Added healing emitters.

Daily Challenge is now blocked for players with out of date builds.

Added special tiles for challenge rooms to make them visually distinct.

Another attempt at improving controller Dead Zones (thanks ardonite).

Health machine now displays the current cost on its screen

Can now select Playstation / Xbox button prompts (in Graphics Options)

Changed design of unique cards

Circle is now toggle Map

Change abilities is now L1 + Right stick

Bug Fixes:

Missing SFX in journal has been fixed.

Character no longer teleports out of the dome if enter whilst holding Warp To Dome shortcut

Rotating cards display correctly when rotated

Menu screen fixes

HUD tooltip fixes

Journal highlight positioning fix

Fixed scenery pop in/out bug

Card rocket minimap icon disappears when rocket has been used.

Card vibrating if dragged against side of HUD screen bug fixed.

Card negative effects resetting correctly when returned to loot slots.

Game no longer crashes when pressing enter with no seed entered in seeded mode.

Crash fixed when returning card after internet has disconnected

Enemy weaknesses/resistances shown correctly is resistant to all abilities.

Bonny Clackers reacts correctly to Day/Night Flipper

Minor board generation fixes.