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While the game is really well made and was really "pleasing", I must say that it frustrate me that it's one of the rare games to treat of anxiety, and it's sad that the anxiety comes from somewhere (I don't know if I really make sence here).

To be more clear, it would have won in term of ambient and interest if you had keeped the reasons of anxiety impossible to find. Because explaining it not only feels like oppening the doors and the windows in a claustrophobic game (which isn't really great), but also is displeasing because true frightening comes from the unknow.

But still, really, really good game. If I complain that much about that is because the rest of the game is really exceptionnaly great.

Yeah, it's tricky for us to balance what things we want to tell with what things we should tell to make the story enjoyable (and wrapped up). At one point, we decide that if we don't include the trigger to the story beyond (ex: flashback and the ending sequence), it'll make it less attractive to think about about after the players finished the game :<

Anyway yup, It's something we're struggling all the time and what I think we balance it better for our next game.