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Not sure if the steering is supposed to veer me off the road after pressing either right or left for more than half a second, but this was amazing! Even if I couldn't find the captured vessel. I spent an hour looking for it. :(

The steering is definitely an issue that I need to address if I develop the game further. As for the captured vessel, there are a few squishy humans standing near a very important looking switch...

Thanks! It was very well hidden in pain sight... I was finally able to get the secret "car". Now I won't drive anything else.

 Honestly, this game reminds me of "Twisted Metal" and "Need for Madness". Both games that were super awesome in their own ways! (Bonus cool points if you actually know what "Need for Madness" is and played it) That being said, the tracks were weird, but I was digging it. Wouldn't mind having those on bandcamp, and I would've totally paid money if this was to be a bigger project. I know you said that this was likely going to be all there was to it, but I felt like you should hear that really has massive potential if you ever consider it!

You're in luck with the music, it's from Thana Orchard and all their stuff is on bandcamp!

I used songs from a few albums, but mostly the album 2016.

I've never heard of Need for Madness, but I'm going to have to look into it! Thanks for playing!