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Is it actually possible to get a brain damage ending?  If so, how?

We're going to be remastering the whole game and uploading it to Steam sometime in the near future. When we do that, we'll make sure to create a route outline for anyone that wants to get all of the different endings. I can't say for certain if there's a 'brain damage' ending, considering many of the endings are up to interpretation. Generally speaking, choices that are bad for the family and the MC will lead to the bad ends - there are three bad ends in the first half of the game, and some bad ends at the end of the game. If I'm recalling correctly, there are 13 or so end scenes, with the very end of the game having a combination of different scenes depending on choices made (which is why there are so many end scenes). The best and the worst endings do have their own scenes that aren't made up of other scenes. If I find the time to get that outline to the public early, I'll let ya know!

~Tristan "Wolf" Barber, Watercress Studio Director/CEO

Right. I just wondered because after Alex OD's on heroine, there is a comment made that brain damage is possible.  I was trying to get that end so I was a bit of a dick but not too much of one.  But I always seem to be either too much of a dick (and Alex dies) or too nice (and Alex makes a full recovery)

If I'm remembering correctly, there isn't a brain damage ending for Alex. There are two other endings for the MC halfway through the game, however.

And that would explain why I can't get that ending. Thanks.

Sure thing :)

Any updates on this? I recently played this and really liked it, but noticed a lot of spelling errors and a few plot inconsistencies, such as Emily apparently having two birthdays, and her sewing machine magically reappearing in her house after giving it to Lauren. I went into the files to fix all the spelling errors, but I wouldn't want to mess with the plot too much, so it'd be really cool if there were an update to fix those minor issues.