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It seems like it's fixed. Thanks so much for the quick response!

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I'm on Windows 11. I had a manual save in the middle of the museum, by the colored statues, and I would load it and immediately run down to the curator. Then hold CTRL to skip the dialogue and start the fight. I had been going through the fight with various different skills selected and trying different strategies, which would usually freeze a minute or two into the fight, so I don't know if specific inputs are the problem. I did eventually get past it, after that my game stayed running as normal for much longer. Since then I have had occasional freezes in various situations, such as in the middle of dialogue and in the skill menu. At one point I had the game open on a dialogue scene and left the computer for a while, and came back to see it had frozen even without any input.

It's currently nearly impossible for me to progress through the museum in the second locus because my game will consistently freeze within a few minutes of loading my save. I can tell that the game is still working, because I can hear the audio of the fight playing out, but the entire screen is frozen. I had this freeze happen once or twice before getting to that point in the game, but it only started happening consistently in the museum.

Any updates on this? I recently played this and really liked it, but noticed a lot of spelling errors and a few plot inconsistencies, such as Emily apparently having two birthdays, and her sewing machine magically reappearing in her house after giving it to Lauren. I went into the files to fix all the spelling errors, but I wouldn't want to mess with the plot too much, so it'd be really cool if there were an update to fix those minor issues.