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The game looks exiting! The only thing that bothered me was text that blended with textbox and made it hard to read :( 
Is it possible to make it a few shades lighter?

I also have a question. Was MC's red colour scheme intentional? Wouldn't red be a bit agitating for patients from a practical point of view?

By the way, I was surprised that MC's template name wasn't Harleen.

I plan to make a small patch to the game that makes the text a little brighter, along with a few minor fixes soon, maybe even today. 

I don't know, I just thought it looked cool, honestly.

I didn't want to base her off of any 'psychologist stereotypes' in order not to associate her with them.


Hey, I drew you something for Halloween:

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Wow she looks dope xD

I love that this is not a straight up Harleen cosplay but Harley Quinn inspired. 

Now I wonder what sort of villains could other characters be but that's probably falls into spoiler territory so I'll abstain from asking :)

I did have some ideas about the others, but yeah, some of them are spoilers. Maybe I'll draw someone else next year, who knows ~

It's also good to see you reply such a long time after your original comment. If you have a discord, consider joining the game's server - if you want to keep up with development news or just chat in general, it's pretty fun: It's always nice to see new faces there <3