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Things I liked:

The game is story driven (imo plot is always more importantthan romance)

Art (both background and character artwork are very beautiful. A special thanks for giving your characters a more realistic facial features. It's such a breath of fresh air compared to the usual triangular/dot-like anime noses)

Morality is an interesting  feature and i'm curious how it'd influence the story later.

Things I didn't expect:

I didn't look closely at screenshots before playing so when it turned out angels and demons were involved i was really surprised since apocalyptic themed games are usually rather realistic and they don't involve supernaturals. Ofc it's not a bad thing per se just very unexpected.

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Wow she looks dope xD

I love that this is not a straight up Harleen cosplay but Harley Quinn inspired. 

Now I wonder what sort of villains could other characters be but that's probably falls into spoiler territory so I'll abstain from asking :)

Which one of those new personalities meant to portray a normal human being that doesn't act over the top?

I guess it's "cheerful". I can only hope MC won't end up unbearably jolly.

I wrote a review right after game's initial release but didn't post it on Steam since I wasn't sure if it fell into a positive or negative category.To sum it up my one and only problem was MC.

I believe giving them a defined personality type makes them one dimensional. Real people can be moody but they don't act moody all the time. They don't usually flirt or tell jokes on every possible occasion.

The game looks exiting! The only thing that bothered me was text that blended with textbox and made it hard to read :( 
Is it possible to make it a few shades lighter?

I also have a question. Was MC's red colour scheme intentional? Wouldn't red be a bit agitating for patients from a practical point of view?

By the way, I was surprised that MC's template name wasn't Harleen.

Okay, found a small typo.
After Juju leaves we get a small CG with her van. Text says ''purple and pink truck'' while it's actually white with purple and pink logo.

There's also a blinking pen in right bottom corner of the text box. The way it blinks is very distracting when you're trying to read.

Sometimes avaliable answers don't correlate with what mc says in the end.
For ex.  I chose "Parents rule" and then mc proceeded to trash them.

You did great with the colour scheme! Backgrounds are very atmospheric, they look surreal and otherworldly. Now I'm dying to learn more about this town and why is it in it's current state.

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Oh, I'm looking forward to this so much! I mostly play VNs for romance aspect but both of your games (this and RE one... oh my, finally Leon's hotness got acknowledged in a otome-ish kinda game) are so well written and hilarious that even if there's not a tiny bit of romance just jokes and puns I'd enjoy it nonetheless.

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I see you post updates regularly. Thanks! It's good to know you're still passionate about the game and it's progress is going steadily!
The premise is interesting though rough around corners at the moment. I guess you're planning to focuse more on character intaractions and dialogue than on the story which is great! That's my favourite type of otomes. Sprites look absolutely lovely !they even blink! and ability to choose character's personality is also a nice touch. I hope kind persona won't end being too-kind-for-her-own-good type and bordering being stupid. I imagine her acting attentive to others and maybe soft spoken but please don't fall for silly girl goody two shoes archetype. 

There're a few things that bother me. Mainly, it's prologue part. Did our protagonist undergo a serious facial surgery just to wade off some creep? It's a bit weird since there was no mention of her moving to another town. I mean what is the point to change your apperance if you live in the same place and this guy still knows your adress.
Also, she's just 18 years old! Won't her parents or Ryuu try to help her with stalker situation or at least complain that she decided to do something that drastic?
Where did she get money for the operation if she's a high schooler? Ryuu's clothers don't look anything like school uniform so maybe he and mc are colledge students?

Anyways, the demo looks very promising and I look forward to enjoy the full version in the  future!