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Deleted my previous post ( it was a PayPal rant, lol )
Played a bit, and wanted to give some feedback.

The orbs ( options ) are neat, they reminded me of Cho Aniki. My one question ( and suggestion ) is why you aren't able to control them manually? Maybe move their position with the R-stick ( or arrow keys, WASD for lefties ) ?

Either that, or preset formations you can switch to on the fly, ala Silver Surfer for NES ( the other game this reminds me of ) I think either of those would be a lot more fun than cementing a single formation at the start.

The difficulty felt fine, the dynamic difficulty is good as well. Felt rewarding, and never too easy ( sub bosses were usually a joke, while main bosses provided a good challenge ) 

The different weapon types are neat, although I feel they arent varied enough to make them worth it. Also, they power up to max too fast. I'm going by Tatsujin rules ( ala タツジン ) or Truxton. 

In that game, you collect powerups of up to 9 levels, separating each tier of power for every 3 powerups you collect without dying. When you die, you lose one powerup. And there was three types of bullet attacks ( that you choose by waiting for the P powerups to change color, identical to this game ) 

But, with the loss of some power for each death; it made getting a final stage 9, tier 3 bullet more rewarding - it made you perfect your skills up until then.

Overall the game is pretty good, The art in some areas and some animations aren't as good as they could be, but that's not even a real issue. Everything else is very solid, it's pretty fun and surprisingly polished for a beta game. 

Thank you for the feedback, I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)

Re: PayPal, I didn't get the initial message, no worries. Did their service do something problematic though?

Re: Wisps/Orbs. The intent was to make each orb type its own "ship" more along the lines of Raiden Fighters than, say Ibara/Battle Garegga's variable options, However I have planned to include an "Arrange Mode" with different mechanics from the base game, including the ability to change your orb formation on the fly and a dynamic difficulty/scoring manipulation scheme that is closer to Dimahoo or Zanac.

Re: powering up being too fast. I think this is more of a consequence of an (admittedly) band aid fix to the problem of easily getting the power meter reduced by 50% whenever the player gets hit, so I also made it easier to get to max level. I'm working on rebalancing the lower-level shot strength to make it feel like less of a gimp than it currently is however, so i can get rid of the band aid.

(To be honest though, I'm not really a big fan of games that take a long time to get to max power like Tatsujin, V-Five [IIRC? Memory is fuzzy on this one] and Darius since it also necessitates changing a lot of other things to accommodate, so it's more of a design preference)

Re: art and animations, a number of the enemies will be getting redrawn once I begin the Stage 5 and Stage 7 reworks--a few of them are placeholders and I didn't like how some turned out to be honest.


yeah paypal is extremely annoying ( to me )

as for the general feedback, I really enjoyed the game, so I wanted to add my feedback on it and stuff ^^

mostly irritated with paypal because I was trying to buy the game a 2nd time as a gift, and paypal kept denying it because I " was making too many purchases in a short time period " = _= all 2 of them, lol.