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> Fixed a bug where you could light Mini Artis on fire with the Leech Fire magic

I'm getting a lot of Army of Darkness vibes from this

Thank you for the feedback, I'm glad you enjoyed it. :)

Re: PayPal, I didn't get the initial message, no worries. Did their service do something problematic though?

Re: Wisps/Orbs. The intent was to make each orb type its own "ship" more along the lines of Raiden Fighters than, say Ibara/Battle Garegga's variable options, However I have planned to include an "Arrange Mode" with different mechanics from the base game, including the ability to change your orb formation on the fly and a dynamic difficulty/scoring manipulation scheme that is closer to Dimahoo or Zanac.

Re: powering up being too fast. I think this is more of a consequence of an (admittedly) band aid fix to the problem of easily getting the power meter reduced by 50% whenever the player gets hit, so I also made it easier to get to max level. I'm working on rebalancing the lower-level shot strength to make it feel like less of a gimp than it currently is however, so i can get rid of the band aid.

(To be honest though, I'm not really a big fan of games that take a long time to get to max power like Tatsujin, V-Five [IIRC? Memory is fuzzy on this one] and Darius since it also necessitates changing a lot of other things to accommodate, so it's more of a design preference)

Re: art and animations, a number of the enemies will be getting redrawn once I begin the Stage 5 and Stage 7 reworks--a few of them are placeholders and I didn't like how some turned out to be honest.

Thank you very much! :D

Yes, I'll make sure of it. :)

Yes, I plan to release it as a budget game on both Steam and GOG. :) However, I'm still trying to get it to a stable, near-feature complete version before I do so, as well as attempting to raise enough funding to pay the required fees

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Alright, thank you :) I'll let you know when I'll stream, but chances are it'll be odd hours so at the very least I can send you the VOD link.

BTW, are there any plans to add mouse support for weapon attacks? I like the combat but it feels strange having to use keyboard exclusively for such a free-moving gameplay style.

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Is it all right if I stream this game on YouTube? I'll link you to the channel and VOD once I proceed.