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Wow, I just saw, you published a Linux Version and it's much easier to get the Game to run with this one. I used to just use the Windows one with WINE, but just clicking the "" file and choosing to "Run" it on Linux does the same trick, too. 'Love it and it's stable, too.

Just didn't see the .sh - File earlier since I just switched to Linux and wasn't used to these Files yet. Learning Curve is pretty steep, but worth it and not hard at all. Just a lotta new stuff to take in on Linux, which was the same on any other Platform/OS at the start.

Renpy is kinda awesome for offering that Linux Version in connection with the Windows one, I gotta admit. Haven't seen the Unity-Games published with Linux Versions, even though they should be almost as easily addable.

You mentioned something about Linux version and it's not that complicated to make a build for it as well. The only problem was that I didn't have any chance to actually test it. So thanks for confirming it is actually working!

I'm not sure what I'm going to do with the project in the final stage (It's still probably a long time before I reach the ending), for now there is only a Patreon page which have a version one month ahead. 

Cool, 'glad to give Feedback on it then - maybe it even inspires some peeps to try Linux in the process. ;-)

I've got much less problems with it than I had on Windows with an older HP Pavilion AMD Notebook with older APU, that can only use Windows Drivers from 2015 (with all their bugs and limitations), whereas on Linux, AMD OpenSource/MESA Drivers are still kept up-to-date and are working better than their outdated proprietary ones.

With NVIDIA it's the other way around, it seems though. But that's because of the whole Coding Policy - which AMD decided to put out there on the OpenSource Nexus luckily a few years ago.

Anyway, I'll be happy to give Feedback on the Linux Versions and I'll check out your Patreon, too. - Even though, I might only be able to afford the lowest Tier there for now (health and resulting financial situation aren't the best these days), but I do what I can to support creative spirits the way(s) I can, so: keep up the awesome work (including the artists, who support you) and looking forward to see where and how it's going.

'Love the added complexity in story and gameplay with the newer version *sparkly eyes*