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This game just oozes class from every pore! I'm not very familiar with the 1920s, but it was so interesting being immersed in this world! I had the dictionary open on another screen, and I loved being introduced to all of the period-specific vocab. 

The characters are written beautifully. Gilda is such a strong and unique MC; you rarely get older otome MCs, especially not ones that are divorcees. I love that she's very mature and has a backbone, and I appreciated that she's still on good terms with her ex-husband even though they broke it off. 

Each of the LIs was so intriguing, and they were all very different! My favorite was Nils, as I loved how comfortable Gilda was with him and their slightly playful but friendly relationship. Roy came off as a bit too much of a flirt as first, but it was so fun watching Gilda turn the tables on him, and I ADORED his second scene, as it added so much depth to his character. Angelo is a affably rough and tumble self-made man. I snorted at his confidence when he proposed marriage to Gilda for business purposes. I also grew to like him more and more as we continued to talk to him, and I'm looking forward to seeing how it ends up. I really appreciated how there were two scenes with each LI that showed us such different sides of each; the second scenes for all three made me much more intrigued by each of their characters and hinted at their inner conflicts.

The game is very polished in its technical aspects, as well. The VAs are GREAT, and there are so many voiced lines that it's almost like the entire thing is voiced. The GUI is absolutely GORGEOUS, and I love how luscious the sprites look - it really suits the decadence of the time period. The music tracks were also very catchy and fitting!

The dialogue is FANTASTICALLY written, and Gilda's banter with her LIs was so fun to read. I really felt immersed in the time period! And lastly, SPOILERS, but that cliffhanger? What a twist!

This game was so fun, and I can't wait to see where it goes next! 

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I genuinely wish I could print this and just pin it to my brain absolutely forever, because this comment is just everything???? Thank you so, so much for taking the time to give your honest and thoughtful feedback to every part of the production! It makes us so happy to hear it, because the team put in so much care and attention to every part of this—and with it being a historical setting, everyone really had to go above and beyond: I’m just beyond happy that it all reflected properly!

I will be so happy to bring you the full game, you bet! The ending was a bit rude, even for my standards, but we will work hard to make sure it isn’t one for too long! Once again thank you so, so very much!