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Thank you! The palette I chose was a 17 color palette that I used for practicing with a color choice limit so I could learn a little more about unified colors and how colors can interact with one another within the same palette. I'm not great at audio development so I could have added a larger sound board so hitting enemies, placing down certain components, and using certain tools could add a bit more variety. (I was thinking about walking sounds, but I couldn't get a nice sounding one in time.) I do keep failing at striking the right balance of explaining the basic controls and avoiding the dreaded tutorial. I could have added a bit more information in the controls tab of the pause menu (XP)

I made the browser version so I could allow a wider audience to access it, but there were many more bugs than what I was bargaining for with it (XS) Input seems to be one of the biggest issues, along with some of the audio not loading correctly at start. This was my first time porting another medium so I didn't know how to correct all the bugs.

I do plan to continue developing on this and fixing the shortcomings/pitfalls that I seemed to have performed/ran into and hopefully learn enough so I don't make the same mistakes in the next game/jam. Thank you for your time and have a nice day!