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loved the music, and the art work is beautiful. I love history so a game set back in time is such a refreshing thing to see. I will say the voices fit spot on and have the emotion and flair in everything that is voiced, so great VA of choice. I do love the talk that fits the era nice job. To feel apart of that time I just love the feeling. Thank you. The game runs smoothly too had no issues. Are some of the characters that show as a black shadow is there a plan to have them as a image or always stay the shadow? Think so far Nils is my favorite didn't think he would be but I like him. 

This feedback is everything! Our team is so happy to hear every bit of it 💖 We do plan on having sprites for all our characters for the full release, but it may take some time (as we have quite a few to introduce during the main story too!).

Nils is quite the darling, so I’m glad he caught your attention!