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hi i sent you a email and i appreciate it. honestly i feel like the gmail probably did cause me to lose it in spam but i sent you a email from my providers email which usually i get most things there with no issue. 

i signed up on 2 different emails and never got a invite to either one of them for beta. is it only random choices or something?

Jing Yuan, Welt Yang, Argenti, & Blade Please...

I'm counting down the minutes ohhhh i so can't wait to date this man

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omg Ivan..... so damn dreamy and the two toned eyes i can deal with it being a bl but damn he is fine! When does the full game come out? im gonna try the demo for now

thank you for the response well i had to buy the dlc then im so excited for this game thank you :D

so how much is the game gonna be and if i buy the dlc does that give me the game and the dlc or just the dlc? im in love with it the demo was awesome and he is so hot and dreamy i need more!

think you will add a demo to see if its somethin people can play before buying?

OMG I love it I want so much more... I'm so intrigued and death is hot!

i saw it releases on steam in 2 hrs and was wondering did yall ever get the issue fixed for some of us who purchased but didn't get a steam key as well?

this looked so cool and i couldn't wait to play it as i went a little into the game and i found myself interested even more then i figured i would check back over here by chance and see what the spoilers were of what to watch out for. there i see it if your afraid of spiders and my heart sank im so glad i did not continue but i wish i could but i have arachnophobia bad. anyways for what i got to see i did like it and i wish you luck

loved the music, and the art work is beautiful. I love history so a game set back in time is such a refreshing thing to see. I will say the voices fit spot on and have the emotion and flair in everything that is voiced, so great VA of choice. I do love the talk that fits the era nice job. To feel apart of that time I just love the feeling. Thank you. The game runs smoothly too had no issues. Are some of the characters that show as a black shadow is there a plan to have them as a image or always stay the shadow? Think so far Nils is my favorite didn't think he would be but I like him. 

omg i can't wait just got home downloading and going to play now :D

can't wait to try it :)

ok just let me know once its figured out please. ive never bought any games on here before so had no clue if i was blind or what lol

This is all I see nothing about steam 

i just checked and it just says download nothing about steam anywhere or am i missing it

ok i just preordered it i didn't see where i request the steam key did i mess something up?

is this ever going to be athing?