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I ran this the other day and quite liked it! While my session diverged from the game as written (we all played shapeshifters of some kind, everyone started messaging at once, I played Animal Crossing on my Switch instead of a computer game, sidechats just didn't happen) it was pretty enjoyable. The hour time frame and the layered character choices worked really well. Plus I had a good excuse to share a bunch of cute seal memes!


That's very cool, thanks so much for sharing how your game went! It's interesting and helpful to hear how different sessions approach/engage with the LARP in different ways. Being an all-shapeshifter friend group definitely makes sense to me as one way to approach the game even if it's not strictly as written. I'm also glad the time format in particular worked well, that's one of the elements that's in there specifically because of the suggested theme list from the Golden Cobra Challenge.