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The main job has been exactly as you assumed. I helped set scenes outside of the aspects too and handled miscellaneous administrative tasks like illustrating the map and organizing all the choices the players made.  Having too many good choices is the most common issue we've ran into, and that's a great thing!

This game is just really well designed-- artistically, mechanically, and thematically. The visuals really pop and suit the story. They are also lovely to look at, even rending of the gruesome ending CGs. The POV used of being a cold being literally looking in on everything was really darn clever and interesting. I like how the tension builds starting with Dahlia's patchy memory and escalating from there. That each path has a mobility aid being violently destroyed works excellently with the intense but bloodless violence. Also Wisker is best toy.

This was the game that convinced me to buy the Queer Games Bundle. You had me with the description and the illustration of the wheelchair-using witch chilling with birds. It's an even better game than I imagined. I just finished the second session of what became a magical college campaign that I am running. I modified it to have a GM because my players weren't comfortable juggling both Characters and Aspects. Even with that, it is still challenging for players not used to gmless games, but very worthwhile. The level of detail for all the moving parts is just right. We love the world and characters we created together. It really is quite magical!

All of the society's releases have excellent audio. I'm intrigued!

I ran this the other day and quite liked it! While my session diverged from the game as written (we all played shapeshifters of some kind, everyone started messaging at once, I played Animal Crossing on my Switch instead of a computer game, sidechats just didn't happen) it was pretty enjoyable. The hour time frame and the layered character choices worked really well. Plus I had a good excuse to share a bunch of cute seal memes!

I really liked this demo. The characters and situation are super intriguing, and I appreciate how high-quality the writing was. Going the extra mile to let me pick my body type and pronouns did wonders for immersion and made the atmosphere even better.