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Cool game. It's a different twist to the basic tower games. I had no trouble with the controls.
Some recommendations for next update:
1.It would be nice if you redo the slots once you place them in at least once like a bonus.   
2.The game could use sounds and music. 
3.A fast forward button would be nice some times the enemies walk slow. 
Overall great game. I know it was a quick weekly game that you have to code and design on the go so I am impressed.  

Thanks for the feedback!

1. I'm not quite sure what you mean here, do you mean that once you place a minion/turret in a tile you should be able to place another minion/turret in the same tile to get a bonus or something? I'm interested but didn't quite understand what you meant.

2. Yes, definitely something I need to add.

3. Will try to add this feature as well as an exit button soon.