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Alright, first things first, this was oddly charming despite being a horror game! It made me think of Spooky's Jump Scare Mansion... scary but endearing!

Poppy is a very endearing antagonist, and I never felt overly threatened by him despite his obvious desire to end people's lives (and his former successes). He doesn't seem to be too malicious about it either really... he just seems to want to have some fun, which I suppose isn't surprising if his spirit is stuck in a place it doesn't want to be!

The game is mostly an exploration piece, find the item that lets you move on to the next area, but there's some really good little moments interspersed within that and the whole thing is a blast from start to end! Waiting for the first jumps to begin is the best part of the whole affair though.

So, give this a look if you're a fan of silly yet scary humour and as for you, Attainable Entertainment... keep up the awesome work! =)


Thanks for the detailed review! We are glad you enjoyed it!