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For a game made in under 72 hours this is fantastic! 

- Impressive amount of artwork and mechanics
- "Tutorial" opening scene was a great way to learn controls
- It was very satisfying to drive around and destroy things
- Nice touch with the combo system
- [EDIT] Sound effects felt very on-par with the style of gameplay

Areas of improvement:
- I felt the controls were pretty difficult to use, at least in relation to shooting. Enemies moved so fast I had a hard time shooting them down before I was dead.
- The difficulty could've been better accelerated. My first few attempts I died within 2-3 seconds. Maybe offering an easy start that gets harder as you go
- I noticed I got stuck with the car pretty often and then couldn't escape. 

Overall great game.


I totally agree with your points of improvements! 

One of those 'if only I had one more day' situations. Thanks, man! :P