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The game got too big in scope for my talents at the time, and I had to cancel the project. I would still like to make a sequel at somepoint, however.

Of course, you are welcome to stream it! I mean, you're welcome to stream basically any game on Itchio so long as you give credit haha 

If you click on the P1, P2, P3 or P4 icon in the bottom bars you can switch them to AI and set the AI difficulty!!

lmaooo, ive never seen this before!! sorry this happened!!!

goddamnn lmaooo

Looks like the page was taken down already. Cheers Itch moderators. 🙏

Hopefully fixed it! <3

I put out an update, hopefully its fixed!


thank you stopsignal. luv you so much. ♥️

Aesthetics are awesome and so is the actual idea, I'd love to see this thing fully realized. I think it was just a bit too big in scope for 48 hours. 

A really fun idea, and tricky to keep up with! I wish a part of me wishes I had more creative control over the levels, but that's wishful thinking.

Had lots of fun playing this! <3

A really tricky puzzle game! I had an idea similar to this before settling on the one I made, so it's cool to be able to play a fully realized and fleshed out version! <3

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A fun little not-so-idle game! <3

Really awesome work from everyone involved! So many levels for just two days, goddamn! <3

Thanks so much, GeloRuse! I was thinking of maybe adding arrows to the nearest skeleton/loot, I'm not sure. Maybe we'll do a post-jam update to fix a few of those issues. <3

I LOVE YOU MOUNTAIN!!!!!! ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

haha, thank you so much for the kind words <3

hahahaaa thank youuuuuuu <3

it means a lot <3 <3 

super glad to hear you enjoyed it <3 <3

wawawaa thank yaaaa

haha, thank you so much for the high praise! <3

Thanks! I appreciate you giving it a go! 

Thank you for playing! <3

I'm glad you had fun after figuring out the details. <3

Thanks for the kind words! For their AI, making them a bit stupid also means that the game can run well despite simulating potentially 50+ skeletons all around the map. Maybe I could of done something where they switch to a smarter AI if they got too far from the circle, but there's only so much you can do in 48 hours. <3

Thank you for playing! <3

hehehee thank u for the kind words <3

Maybe we could add a little arrow pointing to the nearest skeleton and nearest treasure, to keep you moving. Thanks for playing! <3

Thank you so much for the kind words! <3

Haha, if we had a bit more time we'd have clearer instructions appear on the screen. Thanks for playing!

love you zizou <3

We wanted to add some tutorial UI but ran out of time. Thanks for playing!

There is a final goal! You just have to get to the final stage to see it. :P

We maybe should have made a GUI thing showing how far you are through the game haha.


a cool adventure. i went on a big quest!!!!!!