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It's a good start to a game, but was almost impossible to test out. None of the mechanics seemed to work and the UI didn't seem to scale for the browser. I loved the old Rampage games, would love to see a completed version of this game :)

Very cool game! Took me a minute to figure out how to play, but once I figured it out it was fun and entertaining. Enjoyed the music and visuals very much. Keep up the good work!

Wow, thank you!

Very beautiful game. Was very fun to look at, but the controls were just too difficult to make the game enjoyable. Sound and music were great, visuals were fantastic, I just wish the mechanics were fine-tuned a bit better. Great job though! Would love to see this worked on after the jam is over, it has a lot of potential :)

Great start to a game!

- Great idea for a game. Very unique style
- Artwork is very nice!

- Felt like the gameplay was a little hard to figure out at first. Had to read the instructions. Shooting elements felt hard to control.
- Sound effects could be turned down a bit. It was a bit loud and repetitive. 

Very cool game. Has A LOT of potential.

- Great sound and music
- In-game graphics were simple but actually very nice. 

A couple areas for improvement:
- Wish there was a sound effect for breaking things. Felt very unsatisfying to destroy things
- I felt it easier to run through the level then destroy the level so it didn't feel as destructive as I wanted it to be
- Too easy and too repetitive. The levels became easier and easier to beat and there was so much time on the clock then it didn't feel like a challenge to keep me engaged. 

Keep up the great work!

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For a game made in under 72 hours this is fantastic! 

- Impressive amount of artwork and mechanics
- "Tutorial" opening scene was a great way to learn controls
- It was very satisfying to drive around and destroy things
- Nice touch with the combo system
- [EDIT] Sound effects felt very on-par with the style of gameplay

Areas of improvement:
- I felt the controls were pretty difficult to use, at least in relation to shooting. Enemies moved so fast I had a hard time shooting them down before I was dead.
- The difficulty could've been better accelerated. My first few attempts I died within 2-3 seconds. Maybe offering an easy start that gets harder as you go
- I noticed I got stuck with the car pretty often and then couldn't escape. 

Overall great game.

Thank you!

Thanks man! Very kind words :)

Love the intro and art style. Agree it could use some music and maybe some instructions or something to explain game play. I figured it out after a while through trial and error.

Fun game, but I'm really confused about the rules. I've re-read your description multiple times, but still not sure what I am doing. Sound, UI and game play is cool. Just wish I knew if I was winning or losing, lol.

Cool game. Sound is really obtrusive though. Had to stop playing strictly because of that. Also it's incredibly hard to get past the first jump.

Yeah, as noted in the comments, it's basically an unfinished game. Being sick for a week left me no time to fix the obvious issues with gameplay. Regarding the aspect ratio, I plan to release for mobile-only with a vertical aspect ratio. Cheers.