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Hello again, SweetChiel! I really appreciate the regular updates... Really, I won't even mad if one day you say you only type one new word into the story. As long as the game progresses, I'm satisfied to see you alive and well. (Yes, I'm still bitter over developer who doesn't at least update once every three months. Even just to say "I'm still alive.")

Aaaaah, Ennichisai! I considered going, but because it's too far from here (Tangerang) I didn't. I don't want to spend 300k-400k of online taxi just to go there and go home ALONE (Yes, I hardly have friends of the same interests here) -_- But seeing it was crowded I have no regrets. Crowds are sweat, heat, and discomfort.

It's good to see you are enjoying your week. I'm looking forward to see your next update!


As always, your support is like a warm sunshine, PangHerHeart! >////< Thank you!
I'm very glad to hear my updates reassured you -^.^-

Online taxi is so expensive! But I think you did a wise decision not to, because I could barely do anything during the day at Ennichisai! The crowd and heat is that bad Q_Q and it only become a bit better at 6PM or so (not so hot, but the crowd is still a lot!) They said the festival will be held somewhere else next year--hopefully somewhere bigger. 

I also don't have much friends with the same interest, it's my boyfriend who surprisingly have a lot >< In the future, if you're going, maybe we can meet up!