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Damn who knew missing your shots would be this hard?

Real talk I get the feeling that early Yuyuko is easy to get by if you stand at the very bottom or very top, just a little gameplay note.

For what it is, it's pretty fun! Bullet patterns had me on my toes, especially at the end there, and the final slowdown was euphoric af

Could do with more sounds and a visible hitbox, but hey, there's always more to add in game jam games

Thanks for your comment, glad you liked the game ^^

At first I made it so you couldn't so easily avoid Yuyuko just by staying at the edge of the screen. Then I realized close to the end that the game required players to predict Yuyuko's movements, and then I made the movements random... Oops! So to make the fight at least manageable, I made it how it is now.

Of course there is always things to add after just 3 days, but I'm happy that what's in there is satisfying ^^