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It's fine sometimes a break or two is good they help us recharge >w<
Also YUS! <3 Amir is great! He was originally in Grand Bazaar. But Sanjay is also super pretty... >w>


Yesss, but I'm still at Year 1 Winter and I won't meet him until Town Plan #5 or Spring Q_Q Sanjay is pretty too.. argh, this weakness to white haired guys!

There is a sorter thing on tumblr where you say which you like better of 2 paired up Harvest Moon/SOS guys and at the end it shows you your rankings...
For me Wizard, Amir, Sanjay, Nadi, and Yuzuki (also I think offscreen from when I took a screenshot Ford, but he's a special case) were all ranked #1. >_>; I def have a HM type. Seems you do, too. xD


Yuup lol, I'm having a hard time to decide which characters are my faves, but in A New Beginning, I'm starting to fall for Sanjay >///< he's just so nice and it's hard not to like him when he's such a gentleman!