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Thanks for your question! 3 is still a success (Partial Success), and 2 is still a failure (Partial Failure). Since the roll should have been triggered by a player character wanting to accomplish something, a 3 would mean they accomplish it but there's a catch. A 2 would be them not accomplishing their goal, but they gain some other kind of benefit or opportunity. Previously, a 2 would do nothing at all. For certain genres, like heists, this is still useful (you don't successfully pick the lock, but nothing else happens. you can try again. in our new optional rule case, perhaps the next roll is easier somehow). In my own games, sometimes rolling a 2 feels like it deflates the table a little. The new optional rule is to allow a 2 to be more dynamic for genres/games that want it. Hope this clarifies!

Ah okay that makes more sense. Thanks!