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Ah okay that makes more sense. Thanks!

For the new optional rule, how is “You don’t get what you want, but you gain a benefit” and “You get what you want, but things get complicated” meaningfully different? It feels like it’s mostly semantic and would have an almost identical result in the game.

Can I run this with mork borg?

This game is absolutely gorgeous and an amazing work of art. I highly recommend this to everyone who likes provocative and stunning layouts and outspoken political messages!

Anarchist Simulator:

“Do the work. Get no credit. Shot in the back. Forgotten. Repeat.”

I literally cannot overemphasize how good this is. 

If you don't sell it and acknowledge that it's fan content, isn't that allowed?

I got this in a bundle and loved it, and months later I eventually got a skateboard. The two decisions aren't directly connected, however I shall still blame it on the skateBIRD to skateboarder pipeline that definitely exists.

This is the darksouls of skater games

Source: The mission where you have to grind on bowls of soup but you can't jump high enough to land on it