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This looks great! I love the original Legend of Zelda and am always surprised by the lack of good classic Zeldalikes. I've been wanting to make something like this for a while just because the dungeon design looks like so much fun! I like the room size variety in the dungeons. What kind of items do you have planned, or are you doing something different? A better question might be, how much like Zelda will it be? Will there be heart containers and extra heart containers you can find? Swort upgrades? Dungeon items? etc.


Thank you! :D I agree, there isn't enough games like the original Zelda. There will definitely be aspects of this game which are similar to the original zelda: an array of tools/items, heart-containers, dungeons, puzzles. I don't have specific items planned out yet, but I think I am going to avoid the Zelda staples to differentiate this title a bit as well as try to discover new mechanics.

With this game, I'd like it to largely resemble the original Zelda in terms of the player's freedom to explore anywhere at any point without having to be railroaded by story (like what the later Zelda games do), despite what consequences might occur. However, there are aspects from the later games I do want to incorporate into this game, the biggest one being characters/side quests. I'd still like there to exist interesting characters to interact with (which the original LoZ lacks) as well as maybe side quests like what the later LoZ titles offer.

Hopefully that answers you question. Thanks again!


Sounds great, can't wait to see more!